Jay & Duke

Jay Bush won't reveal the Secret Family Recipe for Bush's Baked Beans. Duke? That's another story.

I was born to sell beans. In fact, my dad, Condon Bush, grandson of founder A.J. Bush, got me interested in the family business when I was knee high to a pinto bean. I remember fondly pretending to make bean recipes at a very young age. Of course, my recipes did not quite measure up to the Secret Family Recipe for Bush's Baked Beans.

Today I enjoy helping people across the country share the delicious homemade taste of our beans with their friends and family. I'm spreading the word about the bold mouthwatering flavors of Grillin' Beans® and sharing ways to make your Gameday parties complete. And, above all, I work hard to keep Duke from selling the Secret Family Recipe to what I think are the best-tasting baked beans around.

Jay and I have been friends for a long time. Back when Jay shared the Secret Family Recipe for Bush's Baked Beans with me, his best friend, he didn't know that I could speak. And ever since, I've been trying to sell the recipe — I just can't help myself sometimes!

When I am not busy with my "hobby", I also get to go places with Jay and meet all our loyal Bush's Beans fans. I love every minute of it! It's great being part of the Bush's family.

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